Sport Revue, “Alles an den roten Start,” 1932 (5:00)
Wolpe wrote music for band and chorus for a Communist-led review that celebrated sports for the working classes. The event on Feb. 14, 1932 featured athletes, actors, bands, choirs and dancers and attracted 4,000 people to the Grand Theater on the Schiffbauerdamm. Wolpe led the choir and wind band in a set of pieces to texts by Siegfried Moos. The Review was a great success, despite the fact that the German police closed it down near the end. It had been officially banned as a political demonstration. Only three numbers and two fragments survive.
1. Marsch
2. Song, Zweierlei Tempi: “Das ist der Sport der herrschenden Klasse” (Siegfried Moos)
3. Song, “Stählt die Muskeln,” (Siegfried Moos)