Stacks Image 194
Music of Stefan Wolpe, Vol. 6 by Stefan Wolpe, David Holzman
Stacks Image 199
Music of Stefan Wolpe, Volume 5 by Patrick Mason;Zac Garcia;Wendy Buzby;Mathew Whitmore;Quattro Mani;Ursula Oppens;Rebecca Jo Loeb;Matt Boehler, Stefan Wolpe, Ursula Oppens, Patrick Mason and Zac Garcia
Stacks Image 204
Music of Stefan Wolpe, Volume 4 by Heinz Holliger; James Avery; Robert Aitken; SurPlus Ensemble, Stefan Wolpe, James Avery and James Avery; Ensemble SurPlus; Robert Aitken; Heinz Holliger
Stacks Image 209
Stefan Wolpe: Compositions for Piano (1920-1952) by David Holzman and Stefan Wolpe
Stacks Image 214
Stefan Wolpe: Lieder; Battle Piece by Stefan Wolpe, Johan Bossers and Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson
Stacks Image 219
Stefan Wolpe: Dr. Einstein's Address About Peace in the Atomic Era, Songs: 1920-1954 by Patrick Mason; Tony Arnold; Ashraf Sewailam; Leah Summers; Robert Shannon; Susan Grace; Jacob Greenberg, Stefan Wolp
Stacks Image 224
Wolpe in Jerusalem by Stefan Wolpe, Johannes Kalitzke, Werner Herbers, Ensemble Recherche and Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra
Stacks Image 229
Enactments Wks For Pno by Stefan Wolpe
Stacks Image 234
Stefan Wolpe: The Man from Midian; Sonata for violin & piano by Stefan Wolpe, Cameron Grant, James Winn and Garrick Ohlsson
Stacks Image 239
String Quartet by Stefan Wolpe, Harvey Sollberger, Fred Sherry, Group for Contemporary Music and Stephen Taylor
Stacks Image 244
Music at the Bauhaus by Stefan Wolpe, Josef Matthias Hauer, Wladimir Vogel, George Antheil and Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt
Stacks Image 249
Wolpe: Quintet with Voice; Piece in 3 Parts; Suite im Hexachord by Jan Opalach, Stefan Wolpe, Spoken Word, William Purvis and Oliver Knussen
Stacks Image 254
Works by Bolcom and Wolpe: Twelve New Etudes/Battle Piece by William Bolcom, Stefan Wolpe and Marc-André Hamelin
Stacks Image 259
Fathers of the Modern Music Movement by Schoenberg (Artist) and Wolpe by Koch Int'l Classics
Stacks Image 264
Choral Music by Wolpe
and Feldman by New World Records
Stacks Image 274
David Holzman Plays Maxwell Davies, Wolpe & Pleskow by Stefan Wolpe, Raoul Pleskow, Peter Maxwell Davies and David Holzman
Stacks Image 279
Visions by Ernest Bloch, Paul Ben-Haim, Tzvi Avni, Arnold Schoenberg and Stefan Wolpe
Stacks Image 284
Wolpe: Symphony 1 / Yigdal Cantata / Chamber Pieces 1 & 2 by Stefan Wolpe and Johannes Kalitzke
Stacks Image 289
The Ocean that has no West and no East by Anton Webern, Stefan Wolpe, Olivier Messiaen, Toru Takemitsu and Oliver Knussen. Peter Serkin, piano
Stacks Image 299
Violin Concerto by Sessions and Wolpe,
Zukofsky / Schuller - Composers Recordings
Stacks Image 304
Carisi, Sauter, Wolff, Wolpe
Stacks Image 309
Oboe Quartet/String Quartet by Wolpe (Composer) cpo records
Stacks Image 314
Stefan Wolpe: Piano Music - Geoffrey Douglas Madge by Stefan Wolpe and Geoffrey Douglas Madge
Stacks Image 319
Oboe and Piano Music from the 1930s by Gunter Raphael, Pavel Haas, Walter Piston, Nikos Skalkottas and Stefan Wolpe
Stacks Image 324
Stefan Wolpe - Passacaglia
[Counterpoint / Esoteric Records ES-530]
Vinyl LP
Stacks Image 329
For Stefan Wolpe by Wolpe (Artist), Feldman, Cage, Carter and Schollhorn by Disques Montaigne
Stacks Image 334
Wolpe: Wild Roses by Stefan Wolpe, Emilie Berendsen and David Bloch
Stacks Image 339
Wolpe: Quartet for Oboe, Cello & Percussion & Piano by Stefan Wolpe, Garrick Ohlsson and Jorja Fleezanis
Stacks Image 344
Form by Arthur Berger, Stefan Wolpe, University of Chicago Contemporary Chamber Players, Robert Miller and Russell Sherman
Stacks Image 354
Operattas: Zeus Und Elida / Schone Geschic by Wolpe, Hirzel, Bischoff, Ebony Band and Herbers
Stacks Image 359
String Quartet 2 / String Quartet 4 by Sessions, Wolpe and Juilliard Quartet by Composers Recordings
Stacks Image 364
Conquest of Melody
Marcus Weiss, saxophone
Stacks Image 369
Harmonies & Counterpoints by Dietrich Hahne, Erik Lund, Stefan Wolpe, Scott Roller and Manfred Stahnke