Chamber Piece No. 1 for 14 Players. 1964. 8:30. PC
Fl, ob, eh, bn, tpt, hn, trb, pno, 2vn, va, vc, cb.
Austin Clarkson, ed.

Chamber Piece No. 2 for 13 Players. 1967. 3:30. PC
Fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, tpt, trb, perc, pno, vn, va, vc, cb.
A. Clarkson & Anthony Korf, eds.

Konzert für Neun Instrumente, op. 22. 1933-34. 25:00. PC
Fl, cl, bn, tpt, hrn, tbn, [vn], vc, pno. Violin part fragmentary.
Johannes Schöllhorn, Emilio Pomàrico, A. Clarkson, eds.
1 Rasch, unverwüstlich, mit großer Vitalität. 2 Adagio. 3 Lied ohne Worte. 4 Mäßig rasch, mit Freude (Variationen).

The Man from Midian, Suite for Orchestra. 1942. 32:00. PC
First suite, 1942. Second Suite, orchestrated by Antony Beaumont, 2005.

Passacaglia for Orchestra, op. 23. 1936. 11:30.

Piece in Three Parts for Piano & 16 Instruments. 1961. 14:00. PC
2 fl, ob, cl, Bar sax (Bcl), 2hn, 2tpt, tba, hp, ele gui, perc, vn, va, vc.
A. Clarkson, ed.

Suite from the Twenties. PC
Cl, Bcl, Asax, tpt, tbn, bjo, pno, vn, vc. Arranged by Geert van Keulen.
1 March Nr. 1. 2 Tango für Irma. 3 Blues. 4 Tango. 5 Tanz (Charleston).
6 Rag-Caprice.

Symphony No. 1. 1956. 25:00. PC
A. Clarkson & Robert Falck, eds.
1 Not too slow. 2 Charged. 3 Alive

Zwei Studien für grosses Orchester. 1933. 6:00. PC
Martin Brody & Matthew Greenbaum, eds.
1 Ouvertüre (inc.). 2 Pastorale in Form einer Passacaglia.