Mordecai Ardon, In Memory of Stefan1972
Oil on canvas, 116 x 129 cm
© Courtesy Ardon Estate / photo: David Ish-Shalom



Das Gesetz harmonischer oder dis-harmonischer Entprechungen:
Irma und Stefan Wolpe Briefwechsel 1933-1972

Nora Born (Hg.).
Munich: Edition Text + Kritik, 2016.

Irma Schoenberg (1902-1984) and Stefan Wolpe (1902-1972) first became acquainted in 1927, when Irma was teaching Jacques-Dalcroze eurhythmics at the Berlin Hochschule für Musik and preparing for her concert debut, while Stefan was composing music for the theater and, with Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt, organizing concerts for the Novembergruppe, an association of radical socialist painters, writers and composers. Stefan invited Irma to appear at some Novembergruppe event and forthwith composed Two Revolutionary Marches for Two Pianos (1928) for them to play together. It was evidently not long before Stefan recognized in Irma a soul-mate, for she recalled that he wrote beautiful letters in a poetic German that “no one could understand”. The letters that they exchanged before 1933 do not survive, thus a brief account of the first five years of their relationship will provide background for their later correspondence. [Continued…]

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